Project Aloft Star

Finals Details

The Top 5 Project Aloft Star Finalists will perform at the following date and venue. One winner will be crowned Project Aloft Star and win US$10,000!
MTV Judging Criteria
  • Songwriting and Music Composition: 20%
  • Creativity and Originality: 20%
  • International Appeal: 15%
  • Technical Skill: 20%
  • Showmanship and Stage Presence: 15%
  • The WOW Factor: 10%
Top 5 Finalists
Guys Like You
Soph Retief
ไม่ใช่ฉัน - Girlfriend For Rent
นายธีรภัทร เทพอักษรณรงค์
Little Warrior (Original | Demo)
Marian Carmel + Breakfast at One
Monalyssa - Bilang
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